Idaho Centennial Folk Song Project / Rosalie Sorrels Concerts and Song Swaps, 1987

Digitized from quarter-inch analog reels, Spring 2018. To listen to cassettes made at other song swaps around the state, click here.

Reel 49 / Buhl and Filer, Oct 2, 1987  
049-A01 Intro and song Babes in the Wood.mp3 00:06:40
049-A02 [Czech].mp3 00:02:27
049-A03 [Czech].mp3 00:03:30
049-A04 [Czech].mp3 00:03:18
049-A05 [Czech].mp3 00:03:19
049-A06 [Czech].mp3 00:02:25
049-A07 [Czech].mp3 00:05:38
049-A08 [Czech].mp3 00:03:10
049-A09 [Czech].mp3 00:02:54
049-A10 [Czech].mp3  
049-A11 Starlight on the Rails [sound check cuts in].mp3 00:00:23
049-A12 [RS introduced and project described].mp3 00:04:29
049-A13 Talk then song Ashes on the Sea (Utah Phillips).mp3 00:08:39
049-A14 Talk then song Babes in the Wood.mp3 00:05:19
049-A15 Talk then song Did Those Feet in Ancient Time (William Blake).mp3 00:13:54
Reel 50 / Filer, Oct 2, 1987 and Hailey, Oct 3, 1987  
050-A01 [talk about family singing].mp3 00:03:06
050-A02 [talk and song] The Bells of Ireland.mp3 00:07:39
050-A03 [talk and song] The Golden Bees.mp3 00:06:25
050-A04 [RS announces break and solicits songs and stories].mp3 00:00:26
050-A05 [talk and song] Ditherumdoodaday.mp3 00:03:44
050-A06 [talk and song] If You Love Me (by Malvina Reynolds).mp3 00:11:04
050-A07 [talk about song collecting in Utah].mp3 00:03:06
050-A08 The Lonesome Roving Wolves.mp3 00:03:03
050-A09 [story about Jim Bridger].mp3 00:03:22
050-A10 The Winter Song (Remember the Poor).mp3 00:01:38
050-A11 [talk then song] Im Gonna Tell On You.mp3 00:07:04
050-A12 In China or a Womans Heart (Kate Wolf).mp3 00:06:55
050-A13 [start of Hailey Concert 10-3-87] RS childrens songs.mp3 00:10:00
050-A14 [intro to Im Gonna Tell On You].mp3 00:00:26
Reel 051 / Hailey, Ellsworth Inn, Oct 3, 1987  
051-A01 I'm Gonna Tell On You.mp3 00:06:03
051-A02 The Lonesome Roving Wolves.mp3 00:07:15
051-A03 [talk re collecting songs] If I Go Ten Thousand Miles.mp3 00:06:37
051-A04 [talk re Blaine Stubblefield] Way Out in Idaho.mp3 00:04:18
051-A05 [intro to song about Harry Orchard].mp3 00:04:22
051-A06 Harry Orchard.mp3 00:01:21
051-A07 [short track guitar only].mp3 00:00:20
051-A08 [intro to song Maria Consuela Arroyo].mp3 00:02:00
051-A09 Maria Consuela Arroyo.mp3 00:07:03
051-A10 [short track talk and tuning].mp3 00:00:28
051-A11 [RS solicits songs RS on songs and stories].mp3 00:02:14
051-A12 [talk then song] The Unquiet Grave.mp3 00:04:52
051-A13 In China or a Womans Heart (Kate Wolf).mp3 00:06:54
051-A14 To a Sinister Potato.mp3 00:02:40
051-A15 Waltzing With Bears.mp3 00:05:19
051-A16 [start of song swap] Devil Mountain Man.mp3 00:05:57
Reel 052 / Hailey, Liberty Theater, Oct 3, 1987  
052-A01 [song swap] Talk.mp3 00:00:43
052-A02 [song swap] Legend of Frenchmans Bend.mp3 00:04:27
052-A03 The Unfortunate Rake.mp3 00:06:52
052-A04 Bad Girls Lament (from Texas Gladden).mp3 00:03:17
052-A05 The Streets of Old Burley.mp3 00:04:38
052-A06 [talk about The Unfortunate Rake LP].mp3 00:02:22
052-A07 [song swap] Talk about Elko Cowboy Poetry Gathering.mp3 00:00:45
052-A08 [song swap] Look Away [radio interference].mp3 00:03:46
052-A09 [song swap] Talk [radio interference].mp3 00:01:05
052-A10 [song swap] Talk [radio interference].mp3 00:01:39
052-A11 [song swap] Talk about LaBamba [radio interference].mp3 00:01:20
052-A12 [song swap] Talk [radio interference].mp3 00:02:44
052-A13 [song swap] Up In Idaho.mp3 00:04:50
052-A14 [song swap] [Trout Dreams].mp3 00:02:02
052-A15 [song swap] [Indian woman song].mp3 00:05:19
052-A16 [song swap] [Hunting the Elusive Deer].mp3 00:09:11
052-A17 [new concert] RS greeting to audience.mp3 00:00:38
052-A18 [preamble to Song to Woody Guthrie] (Utah Phillips).mp3 00:03:27
052-A19 Song to Woody Guthrie (Ashes On the Sea).mp3 00:04:50
052-A20 [talk and song from Czech women in Buhl ID].mp3 00:03:38
Reel 053 / Salmon Playhouse, Oct 4, 1987  
053_A06 My Love Is a Rider.mp3 00:02:29
053-A01 [talk and song] Babes in the Wood.mp3 00:07:07
053-A02 [talk about her grandparents].mp3 00:01:38
053-A03 [talk about her cabin].mp3 00:02:37
053-A04 Did Those Feet in Ancient Time (William Blake).mp3 00:02:00
053-A05 [talk about childhood family grandparents].mp3 00:02:44
053-A07 [talk about song The Bells of Ireland].mp3 00:05:14
053-A08 The Bells of Ireland.mp3 00:03:09
053-A09 [talk about Olive Woolley Burt].mp3 00:02:00
053-A10 The Golden Bees.mp3 00:04:41
053-A11 [talk about baby rocking songs].mp3 00:02:09
053-A12 [two baby songs].mp3 00:05:51
053-A13 [intro to song In China or a Womans Heart].mp3 00:07:15
053-A14 In China or a Womans Heart (Kate Wolf).mp3 00:10:37
053-A15 [song swap] Peekaboo Waltz [accordion].mp3 00:01:59
053-A16 [song swap] [accordion].mp3 00:00:50
053-A17 [song swap] [accordion].mp3 00:00:42
053-A18 [song swap] [talk and accordion].mp3 00:03:08
053-A19 Way Out In Idaho [cut off].mp3 00:01:41
Reel 054 / Salmon Playhouse, Oct 4, 1987  
054-A01 Ditherumdoodaday.mp3 00:04:06
054-A02 [RS asks for songs].mp3 00:00:30
054-A03 Sing Like the Wind Cry Like the Rain.mp3 00:04:47
054-A04 [RS talks about folk songs and solicits songs].mp3 00:05:13
054-A05 [RS more talk about union songs].mp3 00:03:42
054-A06 The Unquiet Grave.mp3 00:04:07
054-A07 My Dearest Dear.mp3 00:03:56
Reel 055 / Burley Inn, Oct 9, 1987  
055-A01 [start of concert].mp3 00:01:51
055-A02 Ashes on the Sea (song for Woody Guthrie by Utah Phillips).mp3 00:05:12
055-A03 [talk about previous song Woody Guthrie Logan English].mp3 00:00:44
055-A04 [RS talks about songs she is looking for].mp3 00:01:49
055-A05 [intro to The Unfortunate Rake (Idaho lineman version)].mp3 00:06:39
055-A06 As I Walked Out in the Streets of Old Burley.mp3 00:02:29
055-A07 [RS talk about her grandfather and family].mp3 00:04:30
055-A08 Run Mary Run.mp3 00:01:33
055-A09 My Love Is a Rider.mp3 00:02:32
055-A10 [RS talk about her grandmother and quilting song].mp3 00:03:05
055-A11 Babes in the Wood [talk about RS collecting].mp3 00:09:41
055-A12 If I Go Ten Thousand Miles.mp3 00:02:39
055-A13 [talk about collecting songs in Utah].mp3 00:01:07
055-A14 [intro to The Lonesome Roving Wolves].mp3 00:02:00
055-A15 The Lonesome Roving Wolves.mp3 00:02:50
055-A16 [tall tale about wolves and buffalo].mp3 00:02:44
055-A17 The Haunted Hunter.mp3 00:05:17
055-A18 [talk about folk music].mp3 00:08:10
055-A19 I'm Gonna Tell On You [cut off].mp3 00:02:55
Reel 056 / Burley Inn, Oct 9, 1987  
056-A01 I'm Gonna Tell On You [concluded].mp3 00:02:32
056-A02 [intro to The Bells of Ireland.mp3 00:05:49
056-A03 The Bells of Ireland.mp3 00:03:13
056-A04 [song swap] Linda Croft [childrens dog song].mp3 00:02:57
056-A05 [song swap] Linda Croft Mormon Boys Got Style.mp3 00:01:12
056-A06 [song swap] [gap].mp3 00:00:27
056-A07 [song swap] Tobacco Is a Filthy Weed + Robin Hood Song.mp3 00:02:02
056-A08 [song swap] [RS asks for singers].mp3 00:00:12
056-A09 [song swap] Jo Daley The Baby Looks Like Me.mp3 00:01:53
056-A10 [song swap] Jo Daley Mommy Come and Play With Me Intro.mp3 00:01:54
056-A11 [song swap] Jo Daley Mommy Come and Play With Me.mp3 00:03:55
056-A12 [RS asks for singers].mp3 00:00:03
056-A13 [intro to Apple of My Eye].mp3 00:02:56
056-A14 Apple of My Eye.mp3 00:03:44
056-A15 [RS talks about song project].mp3 00:01:17
056-A16 [intro to Waltzing With Bears.mp3 00:01:28
056-A17 Waltzing With Bears.mp3 00:04:10
056-A18 My Dearest Dear.mp3 00:02:21
056-A19 Thats the Way Love Goes.mp3 00:03:52